Well, hello. I am James Deakin. JADWeb is the website where I showcase my software.

I have been making websites and software for 10 years now. This has allowed me to learn a lot and build up and expand my skills. It is one of a few hobbies I have.

I currently work in the IT industry as a Support Technician, so I know all about Windows, Servers, VOIP Phones and Networking too - some of that knowledge comes into play when working on websites, software, and this business venture.

As well as my interest IT, I also love the following: transport, photography, travel, spending time with friends, streaming videos and some games!

If you would like to find out more about me, you can visit my Linkedin page here or you can view my CV by clicking on the CV link on my homepage.

I have been using the JADWeb brand for 2 years now, after selling my previous jdweb.co.uk domain.

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Thank you for visiting my website!